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Jennifer Pilkington,
Marketing Director 

Melisa’s knowledge and teachings are nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!

She has an engaging and practical style of explaining life with neuroscience that brings clarity and meaning to things deep within ourselves most of us won’t even know were there! I’ve heard others try to talk on similar subjects that only just scratch the surface. With Melisa I now have a much deeper understanding of myself and the world we live in. I am so grateful for all her generosity, knowledge and LOVE.

Today is truly a transformational and Life Changing day of learning for me. I am in awe and inspired to TAKE ACTION on the knowledge and exercises she teaches so beautifully. I already feel a big shift in my peace and identity. There is no going back!

Her lovely energy is bright, powerful and contagious. Thank you, thank you, thank you Melisa!!

Yohan Fontanier,
Senior Manager 

Melisa delivers a powerful training with lot of positive energy, pertinent advices and concepts. Her message is always clear and sharp. It brings added value to every type of career.

Melisa is a wonderful speaker who brings new ideas and approaches around leadership and conveys them impressively. The cooperation with her is perfect - I can warmly recommend her as a speaker and consultant!

Predrag Djadic, 
Senior Engineer

I had an amazing experience with Melisa through the Leadership training. She opened my mind and motivated me to continue my personal and professional growth towards better me. Thank you very much, Melisa.

Dr Abir Haddad, 
Senior Legal Adviser

One thing became clear to me after this course : Nothing i imaged and created was that crazy that it would not become possible sooner or later. So if you need a space where you learn to activate your creativity and think and plan boldly, then i highly recommend this course!

Norbert Gerner,
Human Resources Manager

Juan Carlos,
Sustainability Strategist

If you want to learn how to craft a compelling story to successfully sell your projects, contact Melisa. She really knows how to do it. I took her masterclass on storytelling as part of the Moonshot Thinking Masterclass. I was impressed with Melisa's framework to build a compelling narrative to sell innovation projects. She takes storytelling down to earth. Do not hesitate to contact her if you want to learn how to use storytelling in your business.

Christina Salvatore,
Medical Nurse

When I came across one of Melisa’s Masterclass videos, I was in a really bad place. So bad that I couldn’t function properly, I was so lost. Life didn’t have any meaning, I was just passing through and it made me extremely sad. I didn’t just watched her video, I studied it, I reflected on it and I took all the time in the world to process what she was saying. The next day I took that COURAGE, I decided to turn my life around. Imagine, I waited seven long years, and it only took her a day to make me realized that the time is now. So, I sold my house, I quit my job and in a couple weeks I’m driving 14 hours to relocate. There’s joy and peace knowing I’ll get to live the life I’ve always wanted, a life with meaning and high sense of purpose. Her teachings are backed up with studies, science, books and evidence. Her wisdom is like a northern star, it’s your guide when you get lost. I know these words are not enough but thank you Melisa!

And if you’re struggling right now or you just want growth, this is the perfect place for you. I highly recommend.

Testimonial LIV.In Training Positive Review
Testimonial LIV.In Training Positive Review
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Testimonial LIV.In Training Positive Review
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