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Developing Mastery

Melisa's workshops are hands-on, based in human sciences, coupled with practical application.

Facilitated through her own real life experiences over 15 years.

Here you will find just some of the top workshops for inspiration, of which services are not limited to.

Melisa applies a customized touch to all training workshops in order to address your organization's unique challenges & opportunities.

All training workshops are available both remote and in person, globally.

Send Melisa a request form for a custom creation that is best suited for your local & global teams.

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These are just some examples of my most requested workshops... 

I customize all training workshops according to my client's needs. Thus, there are a variety of options available in various forms, which we can best decide together. Send a request via email below.

team development course.png

Team development ~ Book a custom team workshop to build true connection, purpose and vision. Examples of topics we cover in our team collaboration workshops: Joint purpose, team motivations, unique strengths, company vision roadmaps, productivity, ways of working, trust & connection.. and so on. Never has it been more important to ensure such coming together happens, as we enter more virtual seperation, the connection of our people is critical for any great evolution. Book a session for your team today.

communication mastery course.png

Everything is in relationship with everything else, connected through collaboration. There is no business without communication. There is no successful business without good communication. Whether it be cross cultural, diversity embracing or the art of communication itself (verbal, visual, written), mastering them in today's world is vital.

Master these skills with us.

conscious influence workshop business.png

Conscious influence becomes a responsibility in a world full of deceit.

Get the toolbox for communicating with integrity, courage and confidence through Truth and conscience. 

This powerful training will give you the framework, practices and tools to communicate strongly and not lose yourself to temptations of deception.


Poor leadership is the #1 reason people leave organisations. There is a reason for that, the world is full of people walking around with masks, not living their true essence. This has negative consequences both within the Self and the greater whole.

To be self aware and conscious is the ultimate skill we can have.

Who has the most influencing power in an organisation? The leaders do. Therefore how, what and why they do what they do is critical in making the difference between a thriving organisation, and a dying organisation.

Leadership is not a title or a job. Leadership is a choice and it starts with leading the Self from a place of higher consciousness.

Time to start livin from within.

What are clients saying about the experience?

Team workshop Training
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