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All Is Holy?

I shook my head in disappointment as I camee across a piece of "influencer content" regarding Halloween...

Saying how this holiday has nothing to do with Evil but rather, "It's all holy".

A reason (as if the world needs it) to celebrate self endulgence, self destructive behaviours, a day to "liberate" ourselves, a day to embrace darkness in non-duality, "merging" into unity...

The reality of such an "influential" message?

Sadly, glorified perversions via vulgar behaviour, dressed up as "holy"... Classic inversion of the satanic mindset.

Having house parties, promoting self-pleasure destructive lifestyles and putting it on full display ofcourse, for the gratifying validation of their empty likes and adoration comments from "followers."

Unfortunately, much of the world thinks like this because they believe in moral relativism,

that there is no such thing as objective right and wrong and that morality is based on human opinion....

Many also love the sound of such sweet words landing on thier ears.. the promise of unity, liberation, pleasure, oneness... failing to see it is yet again trickery to seperate you from Truth...

Let's clarify some things, if we are to ever become a civilization of higher consciousness...

No. All is not holy.

No. Love is not boundless.

No. Truth is not relative.

No. Being capable of doing, doesn't mean; Go ahead.

You see, Evil does not appear as an ugly villain, it appears as seductive temptations...

Evil is a master imitator of the Good, wrapped in alluring sweetness and flattering positivity...

Evil is confusing, ever-changing, complex, always hiding and infiltrating... It is "the narrative"...

Truth is simple, immutable, easily understandable, a right to all, perfect.

Yes. Morality is law.

Yes. Truth is objective.

Yes. There is limits to experiential reality.

Learn to discern truth from falsehood.

Apply your conscience to know right from wrong.

Stregthen your connection to the Creator by having a direct, intimate relationship with your conscience, truth, righteousness...

Love does have boundaries and limits,

Love is inseparable to Truth, bound by natural law and served through spiritual justice.

Be fooled not by those who claim to "love everything", for they "love" everything but that which actually matters; Truth.

The lure of deception is an endless immoral maze paved with an attractive entrance.

The path of purpose is straight and narrow, the doorway is dedication to truth. .............................................. P.S. {Awaken The Leader Within} Course is finally live! ♥️ This is a year in the making and a lifetime of wisdom structured in a pragmatic format.

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Til next time or see you in class ;)

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer


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