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Applied knowledge is Power...⚡

Knowledge is power only when applied through behaviour...

As you learn the effective way via the trivium ~

  • Gaining knowledge

  • Understanding the meaning and impact

  • Taking action to integrate the learning through trial and error, that it becomes wisdom.

True knowledge is not just 'any' information...

The world is overloaded with 'so called' information...

It is in your ability to discern true wisdom, objective truth and intellectual knowledge that will empower you to expand your consciousness and be the change that is required in this world...

Every time you acquire new knowledge, ask yourself; How will I apply this?

Then test it out in reality for yourself...

If you cannot teach it yet, then you do not know it well enough yourself, keep going deeper...

Knowledge on it's own means nothing, when it's not followed by conscious action...

It takes conscious action applied in the world to create true, meaningful progress in consciousness and freedom, for all.

Knowledge truly is power, when understood integrally and applied through embodiement.

Til next time,

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer


🌸 For auditory learners, you can listen to an extended version of the trivium teaching here.

🌝 For visual learners, watch the extended video version of the trivium teaching here.

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