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Are You Guarding The Gates Of Your Mind? 💭🗝️

Hello students of life,

I hope you're keeping sane in the daily circus that is occurring all around us.

You're the first to know when I create and put out a new piece of work so that you can benefit from it as soon as it's live.

Herewith I'm letting you know I've just recorded a 1 hour seminar with some critical skills for managing your mind in a satanic environment.

{It costs you nothing, it costs me the labour of love}.

Honestly I don't know how much more ludicrous and insane the world needs to get for people to realize that things are not OK...

This is the result of a Godless world; chaotic consequences... Whether you believe or not, the results speak for themselves...

So what to do?

Well, the truth is that people need to want to give up their wicked ways, their selfish indulgences and exploitative actions, turn to God and to love that which is Good...

You see, whether you have $1 in your pocket or 1 million, your integrity doesn't change...

Make things right with God, actually bother reading His Word and live in alignment with His natural laws... don't become evil in a satanic world...

You can get some direct insight, knowledge and tools on how to do that, right now, to strengthen yourself in spirit, mind and body via my most recent seminar I just recorded.

...Are you guarding the gate of your mind or is the backdoor wide open?

Learn what I'm talking about and how to guard your mind from emotional manipulation, by understanding how your mind works, and activating your conscious brain more frequently.

Link to watch the seminar is below.

~ Melisa

👩🏻‍🏫 Seminar on understanding how to manage your own brain and not be emotionally manipulated by the satanic world. Knowledge on how to guard your mind and not let evil in through the backdoor of emotional mind control. Learn from this important teaching today:

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