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Chance Is But A Name For Law Not Recognized...

...Nothing escapes The Law. 👁

...Chance is but a name for law not recognised.

The laws of the universe exist to support the growth and evolution of life, not to restrict it...

It is in our free will choices that we experience the consequences of these Laws.

Either by living in Truth or in Falsehood.

Whilst we have free will to choose our behaviour, we are not however free from the consequences of that behaviour...

This law applies in both the positive and negative polarities and is based on the spiritual law of morality... {Learn more about this in my latest course}

Apply this law in your life knowing it exists and you will subsequently be more conscious in your own behaviours and how they are causing the effects of our collective experience...

The more of us that apply this law in our lives, then the more freedom will become our reality...

The more this law is ignored and people continue to behave immorally and with bad intent, the more enslaved humanity will become...

As more and more people choose self governance, personal responsibility and living in alignment with laws of the universe, then will we shift the collective experience on earth to be that of free, thriving, beauty and growth...

Remember this truth, authority outside of yourself is not real, it can only exist in the cage of your mind, of which you enslave yourself to the narrative that you are not worthy, you are a slave and you should be ruled...

The truth is you are 100% the owner of your life, no one is your master.

We are all equal in our inherent birth right to exist and to LIVE.

Your life has meaning simply by virtue that you exist.

Your task is to ignite your life purpose & live in accordance with Natural law, thus embodying the best version of yourself, that our Creator intended you to be ♥️

Your life matters, You matter.


When you're ready, your True Self awaits: {Ignite Your Life Purpose}

Your own conscious growth is the best investment you can ever make.

{Awaken the Leader Within} online course is now available; begin your learning journey.

As an online on-demand video course, I have designed it in a way that feels like you are in the room with me, with a combination of knowledge teaching, reflective exercises and practical application guidance and worksheets...

Over the period of 6 weeks, you will be lead through each pillar for optimal learning, prompted by weekly lessons, thereafter you may continue to watch the classes as often as you so choose...

Til next time or i'll see you in class 👩🏻‍🏫😉

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer


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It's always the right time to start livin from within ♥️

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