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What Does It Take?

This existence we live in is indeed governed by Cosmic laws. This is the knowledge, the Truth of our existence, to which we are to discover, study and apply as students of life... Truth is not new, for there is nothing new under the sun... it is awaiting in the light that you avoid... In this reality, you have free will to choose your actions, however you do not choose the consequences of those actions. ...That is governed by the laws of the universe... So we have objective reality and subjective perspective... and understanding and acknowledging both are important... This matters because it is a core element of being a 3rd density human :: That we are self aware, we have free will and we are highly programmable... These are the "features" of being human that are required in order for us to experience this version of physical-human life, if you will... What we have today, in the world run by evil, is a complete inversion and ignorance of these cosmic laws {objective reality}... And a collective delusion of man-made laws {subjective perspectives} to which are violentley enforced onto everyone against their will... Thus, because we are not here alone, we are billions of people simultaniously choosing and experiencing the consequences of those choices, masses matter... You are not "manifesting" evil and harm to be done onto you because "you deserved it", No ... It is the "group" of "social norms" that enables wrong-doings, every single day through the very systems we call the state, government, society & culture... The degree to which humanity is collectively moral, is the degree to which humanity is free. If humanity does not serve God's law, then humanity serves evil, There is no inbetween, for even the grey, is a deception of the darkness... Education is a foundational pillar of creating a conscious civilization, on an individual basis.. For without the individual, there can be no "collective"... An ignorant populace, is an enslaved one, and what we currently have is common ignorance, not common sense... The question is not whether it is possible, the question is; will each individual choose to awaken to truth and live in accordance with the spiritual law of The Creator? As an individual, develop the practice of conscious study, reflect in self awareness, observe your choices with conscious curiosity; ...The reflective practice will reveal a pattern of where you are living in Falsehood vs Truth... Do your part both within and without, by doing the inner work, and carrying the torch for others to see.

Til next time,

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer


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