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Don't give your greatest currency away so easily...💫

Today, the world around you is designed to rob you of your attention every 7 seconds...

People are increasingly sad, sick and exhausted...

They are desperate for meaning, connection and well-being...

Every human behaves in patterns...

When you recognize your patterns then you can stop reacting and start creating new patterns that lead to a compelling life...

Most algorithms know you better than you know yourself and that is simply because they recognize your patterns...

Change the pattern, change your results.

Now... as I am all about practical wisdom, here is some things that I know from direct experience of working with thousands of people in over 15 years, that you can implement in your life today and change your results...

~ How to drastically improve your well-being (within hours literally) based on physiological states, that will shift your patterns:

  1. Turn off all news, including the ones you follow on social media.

  2. Get outside first thing in the morning and feel the 4 elements (see this post for ideas on how).

  3. Get out of your head & into your body creatively - walking, dancing, yoga, hiking, singing (you are not a robot, machine-like exercise is not fulfilling,"reps" don't nourish the soul).

  4. Eat consciously, when you have a meal; be fully present as you eat (no distractions).

  5. Focus on 1 thing at a time. ~ Do not "multi task" - it doesn't work & is reducing your attention span!

  6. Turn off all pop up notifications to social media apps. (Phase 2 - delete them from your phone).

  7. Acknowledge something/someone you are grateful for each day.

  8. Be of service in any way that an opportunity presents itself to you throughout your day.

I could go on, but if you start with this, your life will be 10000% more meaningful, fulfilling and enriching - how it's supposed to be.

Til next time,

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer

It's always the right time to start livin from within ♥️

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