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Morality Is Not A Social Construct

Morality is not dependent on social agreement.

Morality does not change at the whim of the legislator.

Morality is not a social opinion based on the number of people that "agree" to the "belief".

Society does not decide what’s right.

Society is judged by the standard of Natural Law.

It is a standard beyond humans.

It’s not the Creator's fault if we get morality wrong.

Humanity can either live in accordance with Natural Law or in ignorance of it.

You have Free will to not follow the moral code of natural law however choosing to do so leads to exactly what we have in the world since we exist; collective human slavery and suffering.

People choose to suppress universal truths because they want the convenience of not having the consequence of their actions.

This is where manipulation and evil comes in, attempting to dictate the standard of your existence.

To which you cannot, this is governed by Spiritual metaphysical laws.

It is not a matter of cognition, Natural law is simple and easy to understand by all.

It’s a matter of resistance to the implications of what doing the right thing is.

It is a matter of letting go of obsessive attachments to lower nature desires and pleasures,

and raising to the level of spiritual maturity, living for Truth, Love, Freedom, Service, not for personal gain...

And if you think it doesn't matter, think again...

God knows all and you can either live in service to Truth or to Falsehood...

You cannot serve both at the same time. Hence the importance of free will choice.

Til next time,

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer

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