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Rising Out Of The Cave Of Darkness...

People fear truth because they cannot control the outcome {response from others} after having said truth, once the truth is out of their mouth.

...With light/truth you have zero control over the {external} outcome, you have to trust the light and what is going to happen as a consequence.

..Whereas if you speak darkness/lies, you can have some level of control over the outcome...

This is why people justify, obfuscate and deny truth, to retain some form of “control” even if it is disingenuous, inauthentic and hurting them in a different (& destructive) way.

You see, the hurt of a moment of truth is far better than the suffering of a life built on a sandcastle of lies...

Truth is found in aligned actions, not justifications.

📝 Self reflection exercise for shadow work;

1. Where are you prone to make choices you would most likely regret?

2. In what situations do you feel no self control/lose control?

This is usually choices where your actions cross a line and you act out of character = an emotional intoxication of sorts...

>> this is a shadow part of you that will make you run from truth. It will "act out" instead of facing truth, in order not to "lose" something/someone in the process of being true, so it would rather make up a lie...

3. In which circumstances is it most difficult for you to tell the truth?

4. What consequences do you fear about truth?

👁 You have now consciously entered your shadow::

...The answers to these questions show you where you still hide from truth, why and

what you are afraid of losing/experiencing if you were to be honest.

>> In these situations in future, write down how you will attempt something different, standing in truth rather than seeking solace in the dark.

You can write out the possible outcomes, it helps in the process of letting go...

but ultimately the answer is that the outcome is unknown ~ therein lies the important work...

Becoming accepting of “not knowing/controlling” outcomes and valuing truth over darkness.

Choosing Freedom over external control.

Trusting the light, crawling out of the swamp of infinite lies and illusions of external control...

This is what it means to do the great work.

Every one of these teachings and exercises have the power to assist you in your evolution, authentically.

To transform your life for the better and to empower you to become the best version of yourself.

The question is, will you be open to grow and learn?

To do so requires shattering the illusion of control outside of yourself...

All transformation comes from within.

Til next time,

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer


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