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The Power of Inversion 🌗

Reflecting after a recent workshop, i'm sitting down to write and bring you all a method I use when training people on the path of self mastery...

I have intuitively utilized the power of inversions in my own life and in my trainings/teachings as a tool for transformation...

The reason why inversions work more effectively is because they activate the cognitive mechanism in your brain deeply rooted in your subconscious related to truth, rather than your post rationalizations...

And as our brains are designed to find & focus on the negative in order to avoid it, inversion questions are extremely powerful at revealing inner truths on your conscious growth evolution path.

The result has always been "aha" moments of true self awareness from the students.

I apply such methods in my workshops because they result in true internal shifts within the individual, as I have helped them come to the answers themselves, rather than just "telling them"...

Here is an exercise that will empower you to identify your own boundaries and principles;

(to which I have witnessed hundreds of times, the moral ones are universal, because they match our true essence and connection to the Creator of the Universe)

Write down;

- What do I not want, nor tolerate in terms of behaviour in my life? (from myself & others)

- What regrets could I not live with?

The result?

These 2 simple, profound questions will reveal your core values and deeper needs in the answers.

This can then activate your brain to focus on what truly matters beyond your lower natures...

Your True Self is able to arise...

When you then start to align your own actions with those truths - meaning you change your own behaviour in order to be in congruence with your values - then others around you will shift and change in response to your courage to stand for principles and what is right.

Have the courage to introspect, reflect and integrate the Truth within you, live your values and teach the world by your example with respect.

This is what it means to live with integrity.

You may only see 13 people in this specific workshop below, but in their professional roles they collectively impact hundreds of people's well-being, so the expansion of consciousness continues beyond by classroom.

Til next time,

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer

It's always the right time to start livin from within ♥️

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