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True Knowledge Is Not "New"

The knowledge of Truth is not "new"....

It is to be discovered, studied and embraced by the student...

There is a reason such knowledge is occulted (hidden)...

Because it is powerful.

Truth is not sensationalism. Truth is a right to all. Truth is simple and profound... It requires no extravagant packaging that is based on emotional manipulation and mind control... That would be what propaganda and entertainment is used for... Anything that is positioned as "new", “urgent”, "entertaining" is designed to distract you, keep you on the hamster wheel of mental slavery... It is propaganda, designed to normalize wrong-doings via "social norms"... As anything that is “popular”, is almost certainly not true... Whilst the majority are engaged in drama, the service-to-self satanic beings keep the power differential as they are actually in the know... They then have you arguing, complaining and fighting between each other about what matters not, whilst only the few know and understand what matters most... Remove the distractions from your life, unfollow, stop religiously watching & listening to "entertaining news" for 7 days... Notice the impact in your state of consciousness and subsequently how you feel on a daily basis, what you focus on and the choices you make... Your mental clarity will be significantly sharper as it's no longer clouded by the smoke screens of hypnosis... You need not believe me, simply try it for yourself... Remember when you're being "entertained", you're the one being laughed at, because the joke is on you... Study true esoteric knowledge, learn the laws of the cosmos & live them... :: And Forget not :: Evil does not appear as an ugly villain… It appears as seductive sensationalised temptations and imitations of the Good… Wrapped in alluring entertainment and flattering positivity... Evil is confusing, ever-changing, complex, always hiding and infiltrating... Truth is simple, immutable, universal law and inseparable to love & freedom. Learn to discern truth from falsehood. The lure of deception is an endless immoral maze paved with an attractive entrance. The path of purpose is straight and narrow, the doorway is dedication to truth. .............................................. P.S. {Awaken The Leader Within} Course is finally live! ♥️ This is a year in the making and a lifetime of wisdom structured in a pragmatic format.

You will feel like you are in an actual live seminar workshop with me, with each pillar of the course there is a build on knowledge, skills, practical exercises and self reflections. I guide you through each section with precise detail and what it means to apply it in your life. I do not tell you what to think, I teach you how to think and feel for yourself. It is a course for life, no restricted timeframe to access, once you’re in; you embark on a journey of self actualization and growth. It’s my honour, should you choose, to be a part of that journey with you and to share that the course is now complete and available to purchase. Especially as we approach the end of the year, you can plan the time to invest in your own consciousness, a key period to go inward, reflect, grow and dedicate time to do the great work... For it not now, when? ...The time is upon us for great change, and only we, as individuals {collaborating together} can decide what we will co-create moving forward.

Til next time or see you in class ;)

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer


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