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When I Become A Millionaire, I Will Help Millions!

I often hear this notion of "I want to become a millionaire so that I can help millions of people!... or "The more i earn, the more i can give!..." and other altruistic-positioned phrases of the like... In actuality, you do not need to be a millionaire to be of service to millions of people... You need to be in tune with your conscience and focused on purpose as a guiding star... I can attest to that. The number of people doesn't matter, the point is, can you help one person today...? Yes, you always can. Being of service is not complicated. Truth is always simple and profound. It is however difficult, because Truth can be uncomfortable and being of service is not always cuddles and teddy bears.. The universe is showing and guiding you every day in the real world of nature, when you engage with life, through serendipity and synchronicity you will be guided to the very people you can help in the given moment, in the most seemingly simple circumstances... This is alignment with the Creator. However, the Creator can only present you with the opportunities, you are the one that needs to take initiative through your actions... You will not be forced into anything that is of the Good, it is always presented to you with respect to your free will... You do not need to have a business of 3,000 employees and millions in "money" to be of service in a big way... Actually, in truth this would be feeding into the current corrupt system and supporting modern slavery... What you do need, is commitment to your craft, commitment of your time, energy and life force to doing the right thing, to being aligned with your PURPOSE and true essence, this of course is not easy, nor convenient... However the path of greatness is not for those that seek comfort nor make excuses for why they are not focused on what truly matters in life... Greatness is for those who embark on the awakening journey of self actualization and live their purpose as the Creator intended, intentionally... To do so means you put greater meaning and contribution above personal gains... The Creator knows when your intentions are pure and when they are folly... The universe puts obstacles in your path when you seek to gain from deceit and within the system, the system however will reward you with worldly things, in the short term...your discerning eye is important here... You must see beyond the temptations of Evil's instant gratifications... You must cultivate self-discipline to have self respect... The universe springs you into flow when you seek to be of service in truth... Providing you with all you need to live your purpose... This is the difference. The truth is guys we really do not need much to sustain ourselves in a healthy and conscious way... All the extra "stuff" is a materialist trap that the system promotes to ensure no matter how much you "earn" you will spend it just as quick in the bottomless pit of consumerism... The temptations of the system will always be worldly "success", they come however at the cost of your soul, choose wisely. When you're ready to become aligned with your true self and {Ignite Your Life Purpose}, this course is for you. {Awaken the Leader Within} online course is now available. 📚 Educate yourself on important life principles of Natural Law and what actually governs the consequences of our behaviour. See beyond the smoke screen of social engineering and the dark occult, develop strong self discipline & a drive for life purpose. This course will assist you in doing so. Plan yourself the time to invest in your own consciousness, epsecially as we approach the end of the year, a key moment to go inward, reflect, grow and dedicate time to do the great work. Til next time or i'll see you in class 👩🏻‍🏫😉

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator | International Speaker | Trainer | Writer


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