Empowering people to expand their consciousness
& live their true selves 

You're in the right place for Self Mastery in Mind-body-spirit.

Melisa delivers Online Courses, Live Workshops & Keynotes around the world with the purpose of empowering people & organisations to live their true selves.

LIV.In Training meaning "Livin From Within"

Melisa founded LIV.In Training with the purpose of empowering people to expand their consciousness & live authentically. Using her +15 years of experience in various fields including learning design and training skills, she applies a multi-disciplinary approach to her courses & workshops that teach you the knowledge AND the experiential application.

Ultimately, so that humanity will break free from mental slavery and realize the divine spark within.

For none of us are free, until we are all free.

Whichever course you choose, you will learn clear, practical wisdom that can be applied in real life through various tools & methods.

Together we are co-creating a world where everyone is conscious, sovereign, spiritually mature, living a life of purpose & greater meaning.

We all have the power to transform our lives and every change starts inside ourselves.

The time is now.

Are you ready to start livin from within?

Here to equip you with the knowledge & skills
to master your mind & emotions

Training courses that deliver tools on mindset + methods for real life skills in self mastery, expanding your consciousness & living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Ready for the journey of becoming your true self?

:: Start your journey ::



The old email contact@livintrainingeurope.com is no longer in use. 
Both the website & official email are updated to
This is the only email Melisa will respond/contact you with.
Any contact from the old/other email addresses is not Melisa.

Melisa will never contact you personally to offer services nor to ask for your details.
Please update your records accordingly & use discernment if being contacted by scammers.


Melisa Arnautovic

above all be true melisa arnautovic liv.in training logo.png

Melisa Arnautovic is an international speaker, conscious educator, trainer & Founder of LIV.In Training.


Her purpose with her work is to educate & empower people with the mindset & methods for expanding consciousness, life purpose and self mastery in order to live their true selves. 


Melisa has directly empowered thousands of people across +80 countries (indirectly many more).

+15 years experience in human sciences, global business strategy and execution across multi-national complex organisations, learning design & personal development training in multiple aspects of life. 

+5 years as an independent founder, creating, designing, facilitating training workshops & courses for teams, groups and individuals.


Melisa teaches real life skills for mind + emotion mastery, self leadership, expanding consciousness, living a life of purpose & greater meaning.


Melisa's concepts combine neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, NLP, anthropology, business, spirituality, natural law, wellbeing & applicable tools that help you make meaningful progress.


Advocate of life long learning and self actualization. Passionate about conscious growth and educating the world in hidden knowledge that is a right for all.


Fluent in English, German, Croatian, Bosnian

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