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Real Life Skills That Matter.

Melisa is a conscious educator with 15+ years of personal experience in learning design & human development training within multi-national organisations around the world.

Her online courses are for those who cannot attend an in-person workshop and are designed with an interactive teaching approach.

Centered around Self Actualization through Purpose & Mastery. 

Melisa's models of teaching provide you with both the mindset + methods to assist your conscious growth journey or in other words, real life skills. You were created with purpose by The Creator. You are not a cyborg.

Learn to master your own mind & emotions. Choose the Good in a world of evil.

All virtual and globally accessable. No time restrictions, lifetime access for all courses you purchase.

awaken the leader within natural law and divine order course.png

Your guide to the knowledge of Natural law and divine order in an easy to understand & apply methodology.

Natural law is what actually governs your life experience, as this whole life is about the choice between Good and evil. With this understanding you can live in harmony with the divine, become integrous and consciously in service to the Good. This is about both responsibility and freedom, to which one cannot exist without the other.

ignite your life purpose live your true self course v2.png

Be your true self and ignite your life purpose ~ the will to live with meaning and intent. Ensure you are becoming the person you were designed to be, not what satanic-society says you should be. This course is the perfect place to begin, no matter what stage of life you are in, for setting a foundation to truly serve in your purpose and for our Creator. To be clear, we are all here to be of service to God, the difference is our unique strengths and personalities. This is what the course can help you get to know better for yourself and practically begin building.

Spiritual Offense Toolkit Course small website.png

The "pursuit of happiness" is a deceptive satanic world view designed to lead you to self destruction. Life is not about indulgence, pleasure nor chasing happiness at all costs. It is about truth, purpose, meaning & doing the right thing in service to God. 

This spiritual offense toolkit course will assist you in these times of spiritual warfare. It is critical to protect your mind-body-spirit in all ways possible, as evil never sleeps and your soul is the prize.

conscious living wellbeing starter skillkit course.png

As a hollistic being your life consists of various elements that make up the whole. With this in mind, I created my concept 7 healths of well-being. 

Here we cover the 7 elements of your life that when unblocked, balanced & integrated, lead to a fulfilling, conscious life.

Building integrity and character masterclass seminar.png

The most important decision you will ever make in your life, daily, is the choice to serve Good or evil. This in-depth seminar teaches the knowledge and tools to live a spiritually led life and resist the seductions of evil. The struggle with integrity and building character is everywhere as most don’t know what that even means or entails. This is a core part of spiritual maturity and growth on this earth school of God's law. This comprehensive class on building true character in service to God, truth and purpose is a must watch.

conscious influence ebook course public.png

{In the works} Conscious influence becomes a responsibility in a world full of deceit.

Get the toolbox for communicating with integrity, courage and confidence through conscience. Master your own psychology so that you do not become a slave to other's deceitful manipulations. In this course you will learn influence with integrity and living in Truth. Develop mental clarity and know righteous action from wicked action. This powerful course will give you the framework, practices and tools to communicate strongly and not lose yourself to temptations of deception.

Course is not yet available.

Get the eBook if you want a short to-the-point overview.

Not Yet Available

For more free, high quality teachings; Watch Melisa's in depth seminars on important life topics in these special presentations


If you have consumed and benefited from any of Melisa's free teachings, consider making a donation to show your gratitude. Melisa is not a large corporation, she is an individual, human being, just like you, who gives generously not because she can afford to, but because its the right thing to do. 

What others are saying about Melisa's teachings;

Testimonial LIV.In Training Positive Review
Testimonial LIV.In Training Positive Review
Testimonial LIV.In Training Positive Review
Testimonial LIV.In Training Positive Review
Testimonial LIV.In Training Positive Review
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