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Seminars & Lectures

guarding the gate of your mind.png

Are you guarding the gate of your mind or is the backdoor wide open? Learn how to guard your mind from emotional manipulation by understanding how your mind works. 

can we coexist seminar thumbnail.png

Can people with opposing moral values co-exist? I get to the root of the issue with the truth of the matter and the solution to it. We cover the demand for tolerance and how it has resulted in many people silently acquiescing to evil, not knowing thesmelves nor what to make of the future anymore. Listen to this short seminar for clarty and reason on this important topic.

Building integrity and character masterclass seminar.png

The most important decision you will ever make in your life, daily, is the choice to serve Good or evil. This in-depth seminar teaches the knowledge and tools to live a spiritually led life and resist the seductions of evil. The struggle with integrity and building character is everywhere as most don’t know what that even means or entails. This is a core part of spiritual maturity and growth on this earth school of God's law. This comprehensive class on building true character in service to God, truth and purpose is a must watch.

small corrupt yourself not Seminar melisa arnautovic.png

That which is quickly attained awaits to be quickly lost. Don't buy the foolishness of the wicked, listen to the wisdom of the Good. 

Evil is after your character not your cause. Amidst the sewage of lies one must find the strand of Truth.

Learn to discern sincere endevours vs rotton fruit from satanic schemes. They may look good on the surface but their insides are putrid.

Corrupt yourself not; integrity matters.

know your world view seminar thumbnail site.png

There are only two world views and the world is captivated by the false one. You either see the world in Truth and as God intended, or you see it in Falsehood and as humanity has created it. This seminar sheds light on why the world is getting worse whilst promoting "progress," why there is still immense suffering and slavery perpetuating on this planet and you will gain clarity and understanding on the only solution to it; which is the correct world view.  May this teaching provide a shift in your mindset that is necessary to break the chains of mental slavery, end evil's deceptions and spark a fire in you to start living for that which truly matters.

Entertained to Destrucion SEMINAR smaller site.png

There is no such thing as harmless entertainment.

The world is increasingly becoming demoralized and that is not by accident. 

Your mind is to be treated as a sanctuary, not a defiled pit. Learn the skills to guard your mind & recognize the seducing spirits.

This seminar sheds light on the different types of deceptions that are guised as "feel good" activities, ultimately trapping your soul. You will also gain clarity and understanding on how to learn in a healthy way and the solutions to walking away from the wicked.

May this teaching provide the knowledge necessary to break the hypnotic trance and start living consciously for the Good.

small reason in a world gone mad seminar.png

An important Word of Reason in a world gone mad. Humanity, each and every one of us, must turn away from error and toward God. It is important and it is urgent, meaning, your life and soul depend on it.

Disclaimer: All content on this site is for educational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice of any kind. By consuming any content on this site, you agree to assume 100% responsibility for the consequences of acting upon this information. You are ecouraged to use your own discernment and free will when listening to anyone.

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