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A Word Of Reason In A World Gone Mad

I understand, with everything happening on a daily basis, many are seeking comfort in a world gone mad...

With that in mind, it's important to use discernment and remember these truths...

That which is sweet to hear, yet not based in reality, is always going to "feel good" and comforting in the moment...

This seeming reassurance is but a momentary relief to an uncomfortable feeling that kindles your soul...

It is not a solution, nor true healing nor progress of any kind... It is simply distractions, so that you will do all but the Right thing... Because life is not about fun and games folks, It is actually about responsibility... That is sobering for many to understand, nonetheless it is an inevitable realisation for all... That which is True; calls you to take responsibility and Righteous action, not cry wolf and seek reassurance... Now that may not feel good to hear, do, nor accept, especially when the world is designed by satanists... However it is what it means to be alive and make the conscious choice of the Good, in mind body and spirit... Evil loves to preach empty promises of unity consciousness, love is all we need, ending division, a great awakening... ...And they deliver these messages to you with seducing spirits, in other words; Popular cultural figures, national and global "leaders", sensationalised content, "euphoric experiences" that remove you from critical thinking and lead you further into satanic self-obsessed mentalities... Yes, all these things are pleasant to the senses, that's why it's called seducing spirits... You enjoy watching, consuming and taking part in their perverted actions, distracting you from the Truth and the straight path to God... Be weary of flattery and agreeable figures, those that utter; "Let's go along to get along" , "Let's set our differences aside" "There is no right or wrong, good or evil, we need it ALL" Or the most atrocious I've heard to date "Morality is a super ego that needs to be destroyed"... ...Yes these that speak such things are promoting the satanic service to self path and they are leading you not only to the grave but to eternal torment, with a sparkly storyline... This dose of tough love is to remind you to slap yourself out of it, be honest with yourself and realise that the moment you question how such persons plan to achieve these so called "goals", the truth is instantly revealed... The agenda is the same, the path to get there, many... As there are many roads to hell... and but One path to God. It is straight and focused, not wide and scattered... The answer does not lie in government, nor rioting, nor violence, nor nihilism, nor spiritual psychosis... The answer always was and is, both individually and collectively, to turn away from error and turn toward God... To educate yourself on truth through ancient, sound, doctrine. Not to deny God's wisdom... Study and read true knowledge for yourself, the Word of God will speak directly to your soul... As you do this, you will begin to seek the joys of morality and righteousness, and you will no longer feel drawn to the perversions of satanism.... You align with the Laws of The Creator and trust in him. For he is the One that made you with purpose, not that you perish, but that you willingly seek a relationship with him, and prosper... Do not accept any erroneous authority vested in another human being. For there is only one higher power, God. Remembering you cannot be in service to the Good and a slave to Evil at the same time... Break free from the bondage, avoid those who seek only to convince you of lies... Your eternal soul is of higher importance than the momentary comfort of their smooth sayings... True inner peace is only found in your connection to the Creator, no matter the external circumstance in this short life... Time to Turn away from error, and turn toward God. Watch my special lecture on this topic for a word of reason in a world gone mad, below. Til next time,

~ Melisa

Conscious Educator & Founder LIV.In Training

👩🏻‍🏫 Watch lecture on this topic; a recent message I recorded for those who are feeling lost in this time. The world situation is increasingly concerning. This lecture is a Word of Reason in a World gone mad. May it serve you to the Good.


🎧 For auditory learners, you can listen to Melisa's podcast here. 👀 For visual learners, watch video teachings here.

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