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Can Clashing Principles CoExist? 🤨

...Can people with opposing moral values CoExIsT? There is an increasing demand for tolerance of every and any belief system... which has people shouting “Don’t judge!, Live and let live!” …every single time a moral issue arises... This has led humanity into a looping spiral of despair and destruction, which you need not look far to see the ludicrous result… In other words, claiming we can "put our differences aside and agree to disagree" does not work. It never has... So let's clarify this in a practical manner, for all our sanity and future’s sake... Tolerance is properly applied to persons, not principles... Meaning; you can dislike someone’s personality traits and yet still engage with them, reason with them and attempt to understand what they want to convey... You do so for the purpose of discerning the content {are they speaking truth or falsehood} beyond the expression {communication style}... Tolerance is erroneously applied to principles; Truth and error, Good vs evil and God's immutable laws... Meaning; In these cases, there should be ZERO tolerance for error and evil... Remember, we are talking about the principles, not people... When you align yourself with God's laws of liberty; You are not broadminded about right and wrong… you are not passive nor silent on moral issues... You stand strong in conviction, defending the truth when it is threatened… No, this does not mean you seek trouble nor evoke violence, don't be foolish... It means you don't silently acquiesce to evil by sitting in the corner of your room waiting for things to "blow over" … as life is destroyed right before our eyes, as dignity and liberty is stolen, as evil reigns stronger... It means you actively take part in life and represent strong character and integrity in the face of evil by resisting it and representing the good... Everything in moderation is foolish advice; it's what satanists use as bait in their endevours to dominate, inch by inch... Instead, abstinence from all evil is wise guidance... If you are silent on moral issues you are condoning and submitting to other people's morality; It is always the way. That's why it is said that if you don't stand for something, you fall for anything.... "Coexist" doesn’t exist. You will submit or you will resist. Those are the only two options when it comes to this spiritual battle of Good and evil... It is only evil that wants to make-believe we can "CoExIsT" and that "we are suffering from intolerance" because it is the satanic beings that want you to submit to THEIR WAYS... Don't be fooled. If you don’t resist evil, it will continue to persist until all is destroyed... But Melisa, what about compassion, we should all be more compassionate, right? Compassion is not the same thing as tolerance... It is the ability to understand why someone is the way they are and enables you to restrain yourself from harming them whilst addressing an issue... Great skill to have, saves people from a lot of stupid actions... Compassion is not, however, enabling, condoning nor assisting immoral and evil behaviours nor wicked belief systems... You can love the person and hate the behaviour; so it should be and so can one effectively address the issue... There is no getting around the discomfort, risk nor conflict that inevitably arises from standing firm in truth and moral values... This is a part of growing up in spritual maturity... Comfort and convenience is not the purpose of life… For those who seek comfort and pleasures will willingly open the door to the tyrant and bow at his feet for momentary security... This of course, as with all promises of security and prosperity, is an illusion... For there are many roads to hell, there is but one road to Truth... God's law is The Truth. Abide to it and live eternal, deny it and suffer your inevitable demise from broadminded tolerance... Spiritual maturity comes with realising we cannot ignore reality out of existence, With acknowledging our contribution to the mess, and with willingly rolling up our sleeves and getting to work to makes things right. No matter the cost of inconvenience... ...For what purpose does anyone strive toward any goal, if the end is the same whether it be righteous or folly? ...For what purpose does anyone do right or wrong, if it's all relative? ...For what purpose does anyone live, if not for that which is Right, True and Good? You cannot serve both Good and evil. You must make a choice, and that choice is evident in every action you take, every day you walk on this earth... And if you spend your whole life serving man, appeasing others, validating feelings, tolerating error... Then you have denied the God that made you... If you spend it in long-suffering toward living Right in the eyes of God, justified through your faith in Him, your love for His character... Then you are embracing the God that made you... Turn away from error, and turn toward God. He will guide you out of the bondage of this satanic world... Do so like your soul depends on it, because it does... Have no tolerance for evil... Use your liberty not for destruction and death, but for love and service to the Good. Til next time,


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