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Foolishly Gained, Foolishly Lost 💱

Wealth foolishly gained lies await to be foolishly lost... Promises of get rich quick with no effort are music to the ears of those desperate, vulnerable and seeking to attain what they want and fast... So much so that the idols of society are billionaire "investors" who promote gambling and money hoarding as the pinnacle of financial intelligence, being wealthy and "how to play the game"... Seeing the loss of others as opportunities to gain for themselves, every crisis is their delight... Claiming self righteous good works through "charitable institutions" rather than lending a helping hand to the homeless person down the street... Evil is always attempting to be seductive and desirable on the surface, because once you discover what lies beneath you will find nothing but putrid corruption... Just as putting lipstick on a pig makes it no less of a pig; an animal that enjoys rolling around in it's own filth... Don't buy the foolishness of the wicked, listen to the wisdom of the Good... How you earn a living matters above and beyond how much you earn... Evil is after your character not your cause, thus, as long as you use evil methods to attain whatever you are striving for, then you have chosen evil and denied the Good... You can claim to be doing the most noble cause, yet use evil methods to do so, This is a test of character which shows the truth of your heart, the fruit of your deeds... Wealth quickly attained is just as quickly lost. Wealth stolen from some even to give to others, is not integrous... Earning an honest livelihood means you work diligently and sincerely on skills that allow you to build, create, maintain, sustain, teach, nourish, protect and nurture those in your direct influence and future generations to come... Meaning that your contribution is net positive and not net negative. You give more than you take, you charge an honest and fair price for your services and you do not seek to exploit the ignorant nor gain at the expense of the poor... God's Law will assure that you reap what you sow... Admire not swine that flash their material posessions and tell you that it's your fault you're poor because you refuse to deny your God-given conscience... God knows all and everyone will face the Judgement of the Most High for their deeds... Be honest, upright, strive to do Good and work hard in all ways... Be integrous, keep to your word, envy not what others have nor how quickly they attained them, for their deeds bear rotten fruit which time and Law will reveal... Yes, choosing the good in a world that glorifies evil is indeed a courageous act, it is however the right thing to do... It requires building character and integrity and doing that which is right in the eyes of our Creator... Delight in knowledge, yearn for understanding, be humbled by wisdom and your path shall be guided by the light. Til next time,


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