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...Is life really just a video game? 🎮

...Is life really just a video game? Whilst it is helpful to some extent as an analogy, to describe elements of life as a video game, it is by no means a literal interpretation of reality... However the concept is {unfortunately} increasingly being used as a means of promoting an aloofness to life and existential confusion... Many that hear this confusing concept say "that sounds terrifying and dreadful"... Which is an accurate statement because firstly, it is not true, and secondly, it always leads to despair... Why's that? Well, initially some might find it exciting to think life is utterly meaningless aside from you're here to have fun and games in a action-horror-sci-fi movie kind of way... but eventually they realise this... The core of a video game is that the players are not real and the experience is simply a construct of the imagination, for no purpose, they are meaningless... This is certainly not a direct representation of real life, to which we have countless examples of the contrary... Life is very real and so are the consequences of your choices, as I keep harping on about in my teachings to you all... :) The video game concept is indoctrination into solipsism, nihilism, atheism and much more, but that's a story for another time... The consequences of real life, as we all know too well, is the result of choices between Good and evil, between choosing God or denying him... No one just "get's away" with anything, ever... The battle is spiritual, so one must look at the bigger picture to understand; we do have life beyond the physical... Where we end up will absolutely depend on whether we were on team Good or team evil... And whilst it's not fun to be the one to say it, truth is more important than discomfort... We will not all end up in the same place, floating in an energy field of "love and light"... There is a day of judgement, that is your day of death, and we all have that appointment, guaranteed... How you live your life therefore has, absolutely, meaning and purpose, and will be the determining factor of life beyond your current state... It doesn't end well for everyone, those who take pleasure in wickedness and unrighteousness will be, rightly, judged according to their deeds... You can scoff at the idea of a Righteous Holy God and dig your own grave, or you can genuinely seek to know Him through his Works {creation} and His Word {Scripture}... After all, if life is just a video game, what offense would you take to anything, seeing as it's all relative? I'll leave you with an important question to ask yourself; ~ Do you behave as though God exists, or as though he doesn't? The answer to that question will reveal where you currently stand on the choice between Good and evil... That's on your conscience. It's on mine to lovingly warn people whilst they are still alive and have the agency; to turn away from error and toward truth. Til next time,


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