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Spiritual Poverty In A Progressive World?

Fulfilment is not found in convenience... The promises of evil never deliver, that's why it always leaves you wanting more and never satisfied... So that you will continuously engage in wicked practices that destroy your life whilst you think it is giving you some kind of twisted pleasure... With convenience and comfort people would think life is better, of higher quality and happier, right? ...Yet clearly we can see, it's not, is it? Of all the examples i could list, i'll just mention the ever increasing death by suicide. ...Not really the outcome of a happy and healthy folk you would expect? One of the core reasons for the meaninglessness so many people feel, is the demise of labouring out of love for God, truth and goodness... Everything became about commodification, digitisation and self glorification...shaping a world increasingly void of God… This has done so much damage, most don't comprehend the consequences beyond their own momentary desires... Fact is, people don't appreciate something that they didn't have to work for, they instead take it for granted and even expect it as if its some form of entitled right... As without a foundational teaching of moral values to the people, their hearts desires in life will be wicked, selfish and spiritually bankrupt This creates a lazy and corrupt people, seeking only what they can gain for self indulgence, and not how they can contribute to serve beyond one’s own pleasures... This leads to meaninglessness and despair, which then has people trying to attain purpose through shallow means... Such as vain attention, fame, money, social status, all to which require constant "feeding" because the desire is never quenched… An emotional rollercoaster of chasing temptations... basically, enslaved to evil... "The desire of the slothful killeth him; for his hands refuse to labour." ~ Proverbs 21:25 True joy comes with the fruits of your own labour, not in benefiting from the works of others with no contribution whatsoever... This is a large reason to why people are sad, sick and numb... A life of meaning and fulfilment is not in convenience, vanity nor greed... It is in conscious service to all that is Good, over and above one’s own wants, in alignment with God's Will... Actively creating, contributing, nurturing, protecting, teaching, building, working toward fruitful outcomes that allow life to flourish, and not diminish... When you live in such a way to glorify God, everything and everyone prospers with it... When you live as a slave to addictions of service-to-self, everything is destroyed with it, as we literally are seeing right before our eyes... I'll be making some in depth seminars on these topics that have created the ever-confusing world we live in today, despite all the promoted "progress"...Because it is important. Every day that passes and with each generation that is born, people are being taught to live as demons and practicing Satanists... This is destroying humanity, no matter how appealing the devil makes it appear... Choose to live in service to the One True God and His laws... Represent that which is righteous in His sight and stand for moral principles.... It is not in vain, in a world void of morality, it is paramount that you do. Til next time,


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